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Try something new!

Many of our customers come in regularly for their standard candy fix…the same old bag of skittles perhaps they have been eating for years, or perhaps the usual Kit Kat they have been fitting into their midday coffee break routine.

So I urge you all to try something new next time you visit us. Pick up something you perhaps often look at but don’t quite trust yourself enough to love it more than your usual, so you say ‘Next time’…

The staff are slowly making their way through trying new things and we love nothing more than talking about our new favourite candy bars or new bulk that has recently arrived. So ask us to recommend you something new, or pick up something you have wanted to try but never have!

This week I ventured out in the Orange Chocolate zone and grabbed a bar of Orange Chocolate Aero. After one bar was devoured (a little too quickly), I picked up another bar and made some Orange Chocolate Aero cookies!

So delicious – I urge any cookie makers to try it sometime. Just use your favourite plain cookie recipe and add big chopped chunks of Orange Aero and you have the most delicious orange chocolate cookies.

So next time you visit us, come and ask us what new products we have or what candy we can’t live without – it might just be the best thing you do!!!


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