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New Windows!

November 9,2010

It’s been a busy 4 days!  The windows were boarded up at the store today to get ready for our new big windows to be installed. I stopped by to check out our new storage room. The walls are up and its alot smaller then our old storage area! The giant post thats at our front door is now less then half the size that it was and gives us alot more space.

There was alot going on in the store today, everyone working really hard and trying to stay on schedule!

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  • Oh my God! Everything is gone! That must have taken ages to pack everything.
    Well, that’s so exciting to hear. I might have a look at it soon! But a smaller storage room? It was already packed two years ago…. 😉
    Anyway, good luck with the redecorations! I’m sure it will be awesome!
    Greetings from Munich (Germany).

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