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Happy Halloween from all of us at the Great Glass Elevator.

We love nothing more than seasonal holidays – lots of new candy in the store!

Halloween is a great time for getting creative with your candy! The store has been full of customers this week, all full of great ideas for parties, costumes and spooky treats.

Candy Corn must be the most popular Halloween treat in North America! There are hundreds of great things to do with candy corn (or to make things that look like it!) if you are feeling creative:

If you are in need of some great ideas for cupcakes – these look great: You just need some laces, marshmallowes, smarties or M&M’s and some chocolate sprinkles!

And my favourite spooky treat to try are these bones! Pretzels with mini marshmallows on each end and drizzled in white chocolate – have a bowl ready to dish up this Halloween!

Don’t forget to share with us any creative candy ideas you have had this Halloween.


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