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GREAT Britain!

Our selection of  ‘sweets’ (the English meaning for candy!!) from the UK have been hugely popular at the Great Glass Elevator. There are a high number of Brits in Whistler who, after being brought up on UK made Cadbury, will absolutely assure you that there is no doubt that the taste is 100 times more delicious. Personally – i’ll tell you to go for a simple bar of Galaxy milk chocolate and make you try it right then and there and try telling me that you have tasted a creamer, more delicious milk chocolate!

And the biggest British news to hit Canada since the birth of the future King…we now have a shelf full of exciting new products from the UK.

Rich and creamy Heinz Tomato Soup, Heinz Baked Beans (much different tasting to the Beans in Canada!), and Mushy Peas – a great side for a traditions English Fish & Chip dinner!

Try the Branston chunky pickle with your next cheese sandwich!

Piccalilli is the perfect relish for burger or a ham sandwich.

Marmalade is usually enjoyed on toast for breakfast with a cup of strong English breakfast tea – PG Tips being a number one choice 🙂

Typically, Brits tend to sit down as a family every Sunday for a ‘Sunday Roast’. A full on Turkey (or roast beef) dinner with the only Gravy worth having – BISTO! Its truly the best.

So come by and check out our new selection – try something new – and don’t forget to tell us what else YOU want to see – we love hearing about new products and do our best to get them in for our customers.


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