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1,000 Square Feet of Sweet

Walls with big bright colours, stripes and every kind of candy one can imagine greet guests inside the doors of the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop. No less than 1,000 square feet of sweet, the shop is the kind of place adored by kids of all ages. Parents who get dragged in by their kids often end up buying twice as much as the little ones. Not only do they carry the latest chocolate and candy from all over the globe, but also all those nostalgic favourites you may remember craving as a child.

It’s a Sweet World After All

Growing up in Canada, Owner Kennedy Raine was one of those kids who had to have all the top American candy whenever she got the chance. Now she’s stocked a store full of all the best from Canada, the US and the UK, so you don’t have to leave Whistler to find it. There’s something for everyone and even those who don’t buy for themselves will find a youthful memory sure to entertain them a little.

Party Central

One half of the shop is filled with bulk bins so patrons can scoop up and mix a plethora of different sweets. It’s all sold by weight giving you a chance to try a little of everything or a lot of something. The other half is party central, with a whole host of greeting cards, balloons and party supplies available. Just imagine the loot bags you can create! Shop staff can also help you create a custom gift basket full of tasty favourites. Whether you’re planning a party, want to give the kids a treat or just in the mood for something sweet, it’s a good bet The Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop has something everybody will want to try.

General Information

British chocolate, British pop and crisps, Jelly Bellys, Giant bulk candy selection, USA chocolate and candy, lots of fun novelty candy to choose from, Balloons and party supplies, cards and our newest addition popcorn and caramel corn made fresh everyday!